Android device for automotive GPS/GLONASS navigation and communication

At the order of a Russian design office, we have developed a car navigation and communication device which supports GLONASS / GPS, mobile communication in hands-free mode and data transmission in 3G networks. This navigator automatically updates information on road conditions and offers the driver the best route taking into account traffic congestion. The device is controlled through a 5-inch touch screen and operated by Android.

Key Features of the Navigation and Communication Device

  • GPS/GLONASS receiver reduces the number of “dead” spots in high-rise urban areas (compared to GPS navigators)
  • Estimation of the best route taking into account information on the road conditions (traffic jams, repairs, etc.)
  • Mobile GSM/GPRS/3G (hands-free) support
  • Android 2.2 support and the option of installing additional mobile applications for gaming, watching movies, reading books, etc.
  • Durable compact enclosure (aluminum and plastic)
  • Five-inch touch screen

Technical Features of the GPS/GLONASS Vehicle Navigator

Processor AM3517 Texas Instruments, 
ARM Cortex-A8, 600 MHz
Graphic accelerator POWERVR SGX™
Memory — MCP K524G2GACG Samsung, LPDDR 256 Mb, NAND 512 Mb
— eMMC memory KLM4G1FE3B Samsung, 4 Gb
— Micro SD
Display 5-inch TFT touch screen KWH050TG08-F02 FORMIKE ELECTRONIC, 800х480 pixels
GSM/2G/3G module SIM5215E SIMCom
Audio — internal microphone
— integrated speaker
— standard 3.5 mm audio jack
Operating system Android 2.2
Audio codec TLV320AIC3107 by Texas Instruments
General Features
Power — adapter through the mini USB connector at 5 V
— LI-Polymer 1500 mA/hour battery with a nominal voltage of 3.7 V
— PMIC TPS650732 supply voltage controller by Texas Instruments


Project outcomes

The development of the GPS/GLONASS vehicle navigation and communication device was a turn-key project. Promwad experts performed the following tasks:

— Hardware platform development
— Software development
— Enclosure design and engineering
— Prototyping