Cooperation models

We offer flexible partnership models that are fine-tuned to the individual needs of our clients, including the volume of tasks, development budget, and level/depth of management:

Turnkey project

This model is based on a fixed price for the developed project.

You place and pay for an order to create an electronic product, buying the exclusive rights to what we develop (the hardware and software of the device and individual case design). This is an excellent way to create a device as well as to develop a test sample with functionality per the previously defined technical specifications and terms of reference.

Dedicated team

We are ready to dedicate a team of specialists to your project.

You can give individual consideration to each candidate and, depending on their skill sets, offer differentiated pay. The success of this model is largely contingent on your company's manager, who will be responsible for coordination with our remote team.

Development and support

These works are paid for on the basis of actual time spent.

You can order development of a model line and/or support for an electronic device throughout its entire life cycle. Under this model, it is possible to build upon device functionality, test software, produce an initial batch, write programs for functional testing, and optimize the product for mass production in terms of price and technology.


Such a cooperation model allows to use the advantages of synergy.

We are experienced in forming effective partnership patterns with various companies:

  • contract manufacturers
  • OEM-ODM producers
  • chip vendors and component suppliers
  • startups

Promwad Innovation Company is flexible in devising partnership models that produce impressive results. We are open to new partnerships and new projects, striving to remain at the forefront in ideas and technologies.