Our client receives a grant from Skolkovo in the amount of $697,500

October 10, 2013 — The Skolkovo Fund approved the issuance of a grant in the amount of 22.5 Russian rubles (about $697,500) for Intersoft Eurasia for the development of a prototype of the domestic dosimeter-radiometer based on a solid-state silicon sensor — DO-RA.Si. This new device will be cross platformed, with support for inductive charging, and the wireless Bluetooth Low Energy / NFC protocols.

The first products of the Intersoft Eurasia company (Russia) were innovations for smartphones running iOS and Android — miniature sensors DO-RA.Classic и DO-RA.uni to measure radiation; they were connecting to mobile devices to use their energy resources and display the measurements results on the interface of special applications.

The Promwad’s experts were directly involved in the this project in 2011—2013, they developed the design and structure of enclosures for the line of DO-RA products, as well as they prepared the design documentation to launch mass production in Russia, South Korea, China, Malaysia and Taiwan (in compliance with international standards and  availability of components).

Our customer, Intersoft Eurasia, has received 24 patents and licenses in Russia, as well as the first international patent in Ukraine. The company’s patents in the United States, China, Japan and the European Union are in the final stage of their preparation. The next goal is the search for partners to launch mass production of the DO-RA devices and organization of their sales on the world market.