Promwad shares experience at ARM-Event 2013

On Tuesday, October 22nd, Moscow will host the largest Russian ARM conference for the developers of digital and analog electronics – ARM-Event 2013. The organizers of this annual event are ]]>Texas Instruments]]> and ]]>MT-System]]>.

The Promwad’s experts will present their reports within the theoretical conference tracks. They will tell about low-power processor modules and controllers for the development of mobile devices:

1. CPU modules: a view from the inside

  • An overview of the main TI CPU modules and their application
  • What processors do we use in our projects and why (their technical characteristics, scope of applications)
  • Why to use CPU modules (their benefits from a business perspective and from the developer’s point of view, business models)

2. The low-power controllers for mobile gadgets

  • An overview of the TI MSP430 solution
  • Organization of data exchange between a gadget and a smartphone through the audio interface
  • Using an audio interface in smartphones as a power source (with a project-based example)

The ARM-Event 2013 participants also will learn various aspects of the electronics development based on the TI’s components and technical solutions. The reports will cover the following topics: an overview of the new TIVA (Cortex-Mx) microcontrollers; how to choose the right power scheme for embedded systems; an analysis of different OS for the Sitara processors; an introduction to TI-RTOS; how to work with drivers and other peripherals.