Promwad experts publish their articles in the leading electronics publications

In March 2013, the leading IT publications in Russia and the European Union — EE Times Europe, Elektronik Praxis, 'Computerra' and the popular blog 'Habrahabr' — published the articles of Promwad specialists.

Dmitry Kurylenko, the head of Promwad testing and quality assurance department, analyzed the situation on Google Play (Android application store). He emphasized that service of testing can become a competitive advantage for developers and owners of software products. Dmitry as well paid attention to different types of testing: functional, automated, load, stress, and usability testing.

Read the article on Android applications testing in the popular Russian IT publication 'Computerra': ]]>Android Applications Testing as a tool to reach the top on Google Play]]> (in Russian)

Shaleynikov Anton, the head of technical consulting in Promwad Innovation Company, published the second part of his article on modern electronic devices development for the mass market. The ]]>first part]]> of the article revealed the first two stages of devices development. Now the author focused on the production aspects: testing, prototyping, mass production, delivery and post-sale support.

Read the article about the successful development of electronic devices in 'Habrahabr' IT blog: ]]>How to create a new product for the electronics market. Part 2]]> (in Russian)

Alexander Kondratiev, the head of wireless devices development unit of Promwad in Moscow, wrote an article about the prospects of SDR (software-defined radio) in Russia and around the world. He also shared the experience in the development of a universal SDR-platform with open architecture for dynamic design of wireless communication systems.

Read the article about SDR technology...