Promwad Mobile team presented its project at AngelHack Moscow

From 18 to 19 May, ]]>Promwad Mobile]]> team took part in the first and the world's largest AngelHack Hackathon in Moscow. The event brought together more than 250 programming specialist, designers and entrepreneurs from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. Within two days of continuous work the participants created more than 50 prototypes — new applications for mobile devices.

AngelHack Moscow was supported by Google, PayPal, Yammer, Paymill, Apps4All, SocialMart, and MSU business incubator. On the first day of the event, the representatives of IT companies appeared, they talked about the open data, the prospects for the PayPal use in mobile applications and the ]]>mobile development]]> trends in the world market.

On May 19, the review of the designs developed took place; the developers were given a 2 minute presentation as a part of the 4-hour pitch-section. The Promwad Mobile team introduced a mobile application based on augmented reality technology. It displays the contents of a closed box with any products in the form of 3D-model. This way the user can get full information about the hidden object without removing it from the packaging. The design concept can be used to implement applications in various fields.


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Hackathon is the event that brings together IT professionals (programmers, designers and managers) for the joint development of web services and applications for mobile devices.