AntiCOVID-19 Access Control System

One of the Promwad's priority directions is R&D in digital signal processing and neural networks. Our new project aimed at protecting people in public places during and after the coronavirus pandemic. This project involves developing a video surveillance system with face recognition, mask detection & high-temperature detection.

The main features of the system:

  • people detection with/without a mask (works in the crowds, with a second alert)
  • face recognition + temperature measurement (up to 12 people at a time, within 6 meters, no problems with glasses and hats)
  • local image/video processing (stand-alone system with built-in DSP algorithms)

Our solution can be used in banks, shopping malls, educational establishments, and other public places. Together we will beat the pandemic! Contact us to develop and implement a project that meets your needs.


Our access control solutions 


Access control device: mechanical & industrial design We've designed a wall-mounted smart card reader for physical access control with the required width, height, and minimal depth

Wireless stereo speaker software development

FPGA software & Linux kernel drivers for 4K frame grabber We developed a versatile framebuffer FPGA IP core and integrated PCI-e IP core into the customer’s FPGA project

development and manufacturing of access control system reader
SOFAZ ACS reader We have developed the design and structure of enclosure for an access control system reader and then put the finished product into production