Manufacturing in China know-how: enclosure design

We are launching a set of know-how articles on how to design & manufacture device enclosure. Together, we will take an adventure from the stage of concept to mass production. Let's consider the process of enclosure design today.

The design of your device is, to a large extent, the most important criterion by which customers assess and, hopefully, choose your device. While embedded developers may not fully agree with that, it's better to take it into account while your product concept development.

Enclosure design usually involves several constraints:

  • customer's wishes;
  • product purpose;
  • product area;
  • ease of use;
  • operating conditions.

Generally, at the beginning of the project, designers work out a range of options. After developing at least 5-7 alternatives, project managers introduce 2 or 3 most appealing to a customer. 

Example: sketches of new electronic devices created by Promwad's industrial designers

A bunch of ideas from a customer's side is usually not always feasible. Experienced enclosure designers are responsible for eliminating manufacturing or exterior contradictions. They perfectly know that the process of the agreement takes much time, and usually is more challenging than the project itself. Be ready for this. 

One more critical moment in agreeing on a final option is the involvement of a design engineer in a project. His main task is to ensure that the chosen alternative is achievable. He or she balances between the designer's creative vision and the real requirements of manufacturing. If the designer works alone, the development might be delayed. 

Example: a sample of an onboard car recorder developed by the Promwad team. The enclosure is designed in the 3D printer using laser stereolithography technology

We hope it was useful for you, and know you'll avoid common mistakes while launching your product development. In the next article, we'll share with you some technical insights into the enclosure development. Stay tuned!



Our industrial design projects


Depth finder industrial design We have developed the design and construction of the depth gauge housing according to the customer's requirements

Fish finder We have developed a modern industrial design and construction for the next generation fish finder

Railway navigation unit We offered the customer a hardware solution based on three modules (units) that are connected with cables

Smart Health WristbandWe designed convenient, easy-assembled, and ergonomic wristband with ECG. Industry experts shortlisted it in the industrial design contest

Air monitoring system We designed a hardware and software system with measuring devices to collect and send the data to an IoT cloud server

BYPASS Network Analyzer We created prototypes of a network traffic analyzer for setting in a network connection gap (BYPASS function)
Qoobi: vacuum tube preamp Promwad engineering team developed a home audio device to enable people to enjoy high-end tube sound
Irma glucometer We developed and put in production the Irma glucometer; a device for measuring the concentration of glucose in human capillary blood
Modem 7-in-one device We have designed and prepared for mass production an advanced VoIP modem router that provides all types of office communications
Lapka breathalyzer We have developed a breath alcohol monitor with the extreme hardness of the outer enclosure and the inner enclosure resistant to corrosion

Walkie-talkie with 2 SIM cardsWe have developed a shock-resistant enclosure and mechanical design for a purpose navigation terminal with a walkie-talkie function

Controller for traction driveWe upgraded the controller of an electric traction device for subway carriages made more than ten years ago

Parrot network device We have developed a compact device for collecting data from Bluetooth sensors and transmitting them to the server
Binoculars for stadiums We developed the design and enclosure for binoculars with a discrete magnification power, as well as manufactured its prototypes
Key fob for car alarm Promwad engineering team developed an enclosure design for a car alarm key fob on the available PCB
SOFAZ ACS reader We have developed the design and structure of enclosure for an access control system reader and then put the finished product into production
DO-RA dosimeter-radiometer We have developed the design and structure of enclosures for the line of DO-RA products for measuring radiation

Locus DVB-T STBWe have developed a digital TV set-top box (STB) with support for DVB-T (MPEG-2/4) and terrestrial digital broadcasting

Navigator with compass We have developed a prototype of a compact navigation device which brings the user back to the pre-marked location in a coordinate system

IPTV STB with DVB-T/S/S2We have designed a digital IPTV STB with DVB-T and DVB-S/S2 support, based on the SMP8654 processor by SigmaDesigns

AK1100 thin clientWe have developed a new turn-key product, the AK1100 thin client based on the processor Marvell Sheeva 88F6282

SmartLabs IPTV set-top box We have developed a range of IPTV set-top boxes, ensured license coverage for all the proprietary coding standards for audio and video

Smart house controller We have designed the HDMI-CEC controller to manage a home multimedia complex: cinema, tuner, VCR and other devices

Lapka sensors for iPhone We have developed the enclosure design, manufactured the pilot batch and prepared for mass production a set of sensors for iPhone

IP-Plug ARM mini-serverWe have developed the multifunction mini-server for solving a wide range of tasks in IP networks, functions as a computer or a server

OBD-II vehicle data logger We have developed a portable automobile recorder for control and diagnostics of technical state ("black box" for an automobile)
Navigator for cars We have developed a car navigation device which supports GLONASS / GPS, mobile communication and data transmission