Hardware Congress 3.0: notes + the electronics industry map

This Saturday, November 2, Minsk hosted the Hardware Congress 3.0 - the main event for the heads of Belarusian companies in the field of electronics development and production. Twelve authoritative speakers and 120 listeners gathered in the new hall of the gallery "Ў" to share experience and discuss the prospects of the industry. The organizers of this significant event were the Instruments Manufacturers Association and the portal "About Business." 

The congress program included three blocks: industry development strategy, business cases, investments, and the future. 

Immediately after the introductory words of the organizers and partners, the presentation of the project on the development of the electronics industry strategy was started. It was presented by the leaders of the Instruments Manufactures Association - Lyudmila Antonovskaya, the owner of Polimaster, and Roman Pakholkov, the co-owner of Promwad. 

Those who attended the congress last year probably remember how Roman proposed his vision of the future of Belarusian electronics:

This year, within the framework of the Innovative Instrumentation Association, a special committee was formed to develop a strategy to transform this vision into a practical plan for the development of the industry and bring Belarusian electronics to the world level. This task cannot be solved alone, so Roman once again stressed: we need cooperation.

Lyudmila Antonovskaya explained in detail what is happening at the second stage of strategy development and how the Association plans to use the collected data.

The blue color on the slide shows the current task of the committee - holding round tables (focus groups), which allow you to see "what is breathing in the industry," to take into account the experience and vision of its active players. The green color indicates the planned tasks, which will be started soon. Orange - tasks for the future.

During the year the Association has already held 5 round tables on various topics:

  1. Contract development and production
  2. Development of a national sectoral strategy
  3. The ecosystem of private companies
  4. Public-Private Science and Technology Partnerships
  5. The education system for industry development

There are three more plans in which everyone can take part:

  1. Integrators: their role in the ecosystem
  2. Design and manufacture of devices and modules
  3. Microelectronics, distributors, process software

Roman Pakholkov and Lyudmila Antonovskaya shared with the audience the main ideas and conclusions of each round table. One of the most interesting remarks was that for the effective implementation of the strategy, we need an interested customer who will become a driver of changes in the industry. Taking into account the fact that Belarusian electronics are oriented to the world market, this customer should be sought not inside the country.

Image source: Instruments Manufacturers Association

Roman has already said in his previous interviews that the current situation is "a unique case in the history of Belarusian electronics. Nobody ordered this development of the strategy for us, there was no instruction from above, we had an initiative from below: we started to develop the strategy for the sake of multiple growths of the whole industry and access to the world markets, at the level of individual companies, with our own goals and business objectives".

The contribution of individual companies and the business community as a whole will be the basis for the growth of the industry. The novel showed how the ecosystem could be developed through personal contributions:

For example, in 2018, Roman spoke at the congress as a representative of the Promwad Electronics Design Center, a service company. During the year, he added three more areas: he headed the strategy development committee within the Association, became a hardware startup and spin-off mentor, and founded the open community Hardware Ecosystem to exchange experience and useful contacts, as well as personal meetings at meetups.

An overview of other Congress presentations will be published in the Hardware Ecosystem community group on LinkedIn. Join in, we'll be stronger together! 

P.S. Shortly before the congress we updated the map of the first map of the Belarusian electronics industry, which we made two years ago. We started at 100, and today it includes 151 companies - a good basis for promoting innovation in the industry.