Promwad telecom engineers are ready for experiments on the way to design-wins on Realtek RTL9301-CG, a relatively new item from the Realtek managed...
30 July 2021
We've designed an Android-based board verifying this project by CTS tests and OTA updates.
01 June 2021
Promwad team completed a project to implement a selective Q-in-Q on PCB135 CU-PHY Microchip dev kit with VSC7558 SparX-5 network switch on it.
22 April 2021
Our telecom engineering department has developed an easy-to-use and cross-platform software framework for the SaaS cloud-based platform provider.
16 April 2021
We have started to design custom FPGA platforms to help our customers implement their neural networks into low-power and hardware devices.
03 February 2021
Set-Top Box Competence Center at Promwad is developing a video conferencing application for SmartTV platforms and STBs.
07 August 2020
Our project involves developing a video surveillance system with face recognition, mask detection & high-temperature detection.
05 August 2020
Our customers can recognize clothing from movies, music videos, and TV programs and find them in online stores.
08 July 2020
To solve the problem of air quality control, the EU has provided a grant for Promwad company to develop the project.
07 April 2020
We've developed the module to provide tunable cut-off frequencies in a wide range while maintaining the original sample rate.
03 February 2020
The Dolphin+ platform has a perfect architecture for automotive infotainment and provides ready to Bluetooth, EC/NR, DRM, camera, and security stacks...
23 January 2020
Our expertise in designing industrial controllers for the electricity and energy sector helps to achieve the best results for customer’s projects....
17 January 2020