Promwad came up with a strategy for hardware ecosystem development at Hardware Congress 2.0. Join us!

Hardware Congress 2.0 for executives of companies in the electronics industry took place in Minsk on November 17. This event was organized by Advanced Instrument Manufacture Manufacturers Association (AIM) together with the Pro Business online portal.

At the congress, managers of leading hi-tech hardware companies shared their experiences. Our founder and CEO Roman Pakholkov made one of the most bright speeches there, he gave his answer to the question “How to achieve a multiple growth in the hardware sector”.

Roman told about the experience of other countries that created ecosystems for the development of innovations (with a focus on Finland), suggested 5 specific recipes for the development of our industry, and showed what the electronics industry can become in 10-15 years. 

Roman proposed to industry players to develop an efficient hardware ecosystem together and invited to join a group named Hardware Ecosystem on LinkedIn. Today this new group contains publications in the Russian and English languages including an overview of all reports of the congress. And the number of its members have reached a hundred specialists of the hardware industry. 

We invite engineers and managers of high-tech electronics companies to unite around a strategy and develop the industry's ecosystem together.