Promwad joins Rostelecom IT team to design new Android-based STBs

The digital broadcasting ecosystem is widening at a fast pace leading to the constantly growing demand for OTT and IPTV services, thereby unfolding immense opportunities for telecom companies.

In this regard, we would like to announce signing a new contract with a digital TV services provider.

Please, welcome — Rostelecom IT (RTK IT), the developer of own client’s software platform, enabling a wide range of solutions and services in such areas as IPTV and OTT middleware, iOS, Android and SmartTV software product development, video streams under high load processing & broadcasting, video analytics technologies development, and more. We’ve been working together since 2016. Promwad engineering team has actively been involved in the development of client software for Digital TV services.

However, just recently we’ve signed a new contract, under which we are going to be a part of an engineering team involved in the development of a new line of Set-top boxes based on leading SoCs and Android OS.

We hope that will be fruitful cooperation enhancing new industry capabilities and innovations.


Our solutions in telecom


AI app for in-video shopping We've developed and installed on STBs the first AI application for searching and buying clothes directly from the video stream

DSP + FPGA platform We have designed a platform with an open architecture for wireless communication systems based on the SDR technology

L2 industrial switch We created reference designs of industrial managed switches with 10Gbase-X and 10/100/1000Base-T ports
BYPASS Network Analyzer We created prototypes of a network traffic analyzer for setting in a network connection gap (BYPASS function)
L2 Switch with PoE support Promwad engineering team designed a custom managed L2 switches based on the Realtek 83xx chipset and Linux kernel
Modem 7-in-one device We have designed and prepared for mass production an advanced VoIP modem router that provides all types of office communications

OpenWRT for RealtekWe developed a specialized Embedded Linux distribution for routers and adaptable web interface to manage LuCi based

VoIP broadband router Our engineers designed a subscriber router for providing voice over IP services in broadband networks
IPTV+T/C hybrid set-top box We created a reference design of a set-top box with rapid platform development and launch of a series of new digital devices

IPTV STB with DVB-T/S/S2We have designed a digital IPTV STB with DVB-T and DVB-S/S2 support, based on the SMP8654 processor by SigmaDesigns

AK1100 thin clientWe have developed a new turn-key product, the AK1100 thin client based on the processor Marvell Sheeva 88F6282

SmartLabs IPTV set-top box We have developed a range of IPTV set-top boxes, ensured license coverage for all the proprietary coding standards for audio and video

JPEG2000 4-channel recorderWe developed a video registration device for storage and distribution of audio and video streams on request from 4 analogue sources

IP-Plug ARM mini-serverWe have developed the multifunction mini-server for solving a wide range of tasks in IP networks, functions as a computer or a server