Promwad enlisted as technology partner of Origami ecosystem by Image Matters

In 2016, the Belgian manufacturer of FPGA modules "Image Matters" launched the Origami Ecosystem to boost the development of professional audio and video equipment using its Origami computing modules. Origami is a unique mix of hardware and firmware, which allows rapid development and production of equipment for broadcast, cinema, medical imaging, sport live, space sensing & earth imaging, surveillance and pro-AV industries. The Origami B20 computing module is based on Kintex UltraScale KU060 FPGA while the Origami M20 model is based on Kintex Ultrascale+ KU5P part by Xilinx.

The Origami ecosystem unites companies that strive to stimulate innovation in the development of advanced video equipment. It joins the forces of leading hardware and IP-core vendors, design houses and integrators to build an extraordinary efficient environment.

Thanks to the participation in Origami Ecosystem, Promwad has direct access to pre-qualified modular hardware with the latest Xilinx FPGAs such as Virtex UltraScale+ VU37P, Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZU11EG and ZU7EV, Kintex UltraScale+ KU5P, KU15P and Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC ZU48DR. Combined with IP-cores from Origami Ecosystem partners it allows fast development of custom FPGA solutions dramatically accelerating time to the market.

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Our Digital TV & Multimedia solutions 


AI app for in-video shopping We've developed and installed on STBs the first AI application for searching and buying clothes directly from the video stream

Locus DVB-T STBWe have developed a digital TV set-top box (STB) with support for DVB-T (MPEG-2/4) and terrestrial digital broadcasting

IPTV STB with DVB-T/S/S2We have designed a digital IPTV STB with DVB-T and DVB-S/S2 support, based on the SMP8654 processor by SigmaDesigns

SmartLabs IPTV set-top box We have developed a range of IPTV set-top boxes, ensured license coverage for all the proprietary coding standards for audio and video

Smart house controller We have designed the HDMI-CEC controller to manage a home multimedia complex: cinema, tuner, VCR and other devices