AI Edge Computing Meetup

We are an R&D partner of the Hardware Ecosystem Meetups 2021

On March 11, at 16:00 (+3:00 UTC), there will be an online meetup about transforming AI technology into business. The Russian-speaking engineers, managers and entrepreneurs who work with artificial intelligence and edge computing will gather at the same online platform to share their experiences. This will be the first of six Hardware Ecosystem Community meetings scheduled from March through December 2021. Promwad has joined this initiative as an R&D partner. Registration for participants is already open at (in Russian).

The event organizers, Bridgio Accelerator and Arrow Electronics, will keep all the participants in mind: there will be technical presentations, business case studies, startup pitches and panel discussions. Experts from Nvidia, Iomico, Rapid Prototyping Lab at Wargaming, and IndataLabs have already confirmed their participation.

Hardware ecosystem MeetUp 5 speakers


Here are just a few questions, which will be discussed at the meeting:

  • How to apply breakthrough AI technologies in specific industries?
  • How to process AI algorithms on autonomous devices without Internet EdgeAII)?
  • How to choose the hardware for AI projects with or without cloud connectivity?
  • Which AI solutions are in demand now, and which will be up and running in 2—3 years?
  • How to enter the AI market if you have never worked in it before?

Join in! You can register not only for the AI meetup in March but also leave your email to receive invitations to other meetings throughout the year from the Hardware Ecosystem Community, which we plan to translate into English.

For your reference: Two years ago, our founder Roman Pakholkov started an open Hardware Ecosystem Group on LinkedIn for engineers, managers, and tech entrepreneurs to share expertise and useful contacts. Since then, almost 800 members have joined the community and supported its initiatives, such as face-to-face meetings, podcasts, Youtube streams, and expert publications.