Promwad leverages Ethernet switches from the manufacturer Microchip with the goal of addressing challenges in industrial network applications.
23 December 2021
This engineering article goes through the various types of heat dissipation, including natural convection, forced cooling and liquid cooling systems
17 August 2021
We launch a series of articles on the relatively new programming language P4 and what it is all about. 
11 August 2021
Optimization of the most time-consuming stage of FPGA-based device development – we mean the FPGA firmware debugging.
22 July 2021
In this article, we share our experience in developing apps for the Tizen OS, which is used in Samsung Smart TVs.
30 June 2021
We provide flash emulation IP development for Lattice ECP5 FPGA.
08 June 2021
Domain-specific ASPICE (ISO/IEC 15504) is one of the automotive industry standards that will guide us while executing our client’s projects.
27 May 2021
This technology will change the devices we use and the approach to their design: no more mechanical buttons, about 70% lighter, and 30% cheaper.
24 May 2021
We gather best practices from the completed engineering projects in hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen electrolysis, smart charging, and EV solutions.
29 April 2021
Recently we successfully ported Flutter to RDK-based STB. In this article, we describe the difficulties encountered and propose solutions for a...
15 April 2021
At Promwad, we strive to expand our partnerships with leading vendors to take advantage of available opportunities and share them with our customers.
19 March 2020
The globally popular technology blog Hacker Noon has published our vision for the FPGA tendencies in 2020.
05 March 2020