promwad office panorama

A Virtual Tour of the Promwad Office

Welcome to Promwad, an independent electronics design house. Here, we design new products for the world electronics market, including devices, embedded systems and software.

Thank you for visiting our R&D office in Minsk, Belarus! On this page, you can take a virtual tour around our office. If the panoramic Yandex photos below aren't available, please try the Kuula lab tour.

Hall on the 11th floor of our design centre

Move around using the arrows, take a look around, feel free to enter all the open offices. Our comments on the panoramas will guide you.

Would you like to visit us and see everything with your own eyes? Contact us to agree on a convenient time. We will be happy to show you around.

Software Development Unit

Here are our software engineers, who create applications and software platforms for future electronics. Our experts write code at all levels: from firmware and middleware to user applications and complex business-level solutions.

This room also contains devices created for customers in the consumer electronics and IoT market segments: a set of iPhone sensors, the Lapka breathalyser, the smart collar for large breed dogs, and the JukeBox line of music players.

Manufacturing Division

You have entered the Promwad Manufacturing Office. Here, we focus on supporting the electronics production process: from local prototyping to large-scale manufacturing projects in China. Our customers get access to modern production sites around the world: in China and Southeast Asia, Europe and the US.

If you want to have a closer look at the gadgets on the shelves inside the cabinet in this room, check out the portfolio for details. You can see here binoculars with discrete magnification, the Praktik line of wireless echo sounders, the Lapka ceramic breathalyser, and a smart router with parental control.

Hardware Design Unit

This is the room where our hardware engineers work. They deal with circuit design and schematics, hardware analysis and simulation, and certification testing.

Here, you can see designs for the field of automation and demanding applications: a time synchroniser, an industrial display panel (HMI), an anti-radar for the automotive market.

Adaptive computing systems (ACS) competence centre

These are our FPGA programmers. They work with field-programmable gate arrays and CPLD chips produced by some of the world’s leading technology vendors, including Xilinx, Intel, and Lattice Semiconductor.

We have displayed some telecom devices here: a 7-in-1 smart station, a kite-surfer radio, a portable router with LTE/3G/GSM, and a VoIP router.

Offshore development center (ODC)

Here, we handle large embedded-software development projects for set-top boxes and automotive electronics (some STBs are displayed in this room).

The software solutions created in ODC are used in millions of mass market devices by customers all over Europe, America, Russia, China and Japan.

Industrial & mechanical design unit

This is where our industrial and mechanical designers work. They are in charge of designing enclosures and cases for new devices. Also, they model physical processes to ensure that our solutions are reliable and adaptable.

We employ the DFM (Design for Manufacturing) approach, which takes the technologies and requirements of mass production into account starting from the very first enclosure sketches and 3D models.

Meeting room

This is our meeting room, where we hold status meetings with our project teams, organize training, and meet with clients. Our clients use our electronics engineering services to turn their ideas into viable commercial products.

We handle all the engineering issues, from the initial concept and feasibility studies to the launch of mass production. Our customers can take advantage of our experience in various market niches and develop their business with the latest technologies.

Our final goal is to address our client's technical challenges, so that they can focus on promoting and selling their products. We hope you enjoyed a virtual tour of our office!

Would you like to meet us in person? Write or call us to discuss your project and arrange a meeting. We would be happy to share our engineering expertise with you!