Private & White labeling


White label consumer electronics

As experts in electronics development and manufacturing, we are ready to support you in white labeling for consumer electronics.

Based on your requirements, we provide support at all stages, from market research to mass production and technical support of devices.


Minimizing development risks


Time-to-market reducing


Testing before mass production 


Successful devices on the market

What is white labeling?

The white labeling supposes a model when one company produces a standardized product without a logo, and another sells it under its brand. That way, the manufacturer can focus on finding cost-effective production methods and company-seller on the product's marketing. To create a product with its features, identity, and software, you need a contractor. 
Our team of industrial and mechanical designers, engineers, and analytics is ready to take over the entire process of creating consumer electronics under your brand. This could be fitness bracelets, headphones, portable chargers, and other devices in demand in the market.


white labeling Promwad

White label solutions

Custom wearable devices

headsets, smart glasses, smartwatches, connected jewelry, smart hearing aids, headphones with noise cancellation

Connected fitness trackers

activity trackers, fitness trackers enhanced with IoT sensors, built-in GPS, heart rate, sleep & swim tracking

In-home medical devices

healthcare wearable devices for blood pressure monitoring, ECG recording, data collecting

The process of working on a white labeling project step by step:


Market research

We receive the customer's technical requirements for the device and start work on market analysis. We:

  • collect information about the device,
  • study the models on the market in various price ranges,
  • determine the usability level of the product.
  • test the suitability of the product for its intended use and operating conditions
  • draw up a list of devices and manufacturers to match our client's needs.


Manufacturer search

Our designers and constructors select the best manufacturer in terms of quality and price:

  • we request full specifications for each model and gain access to API methods;
  • discuss whether customization of the device, packaging, and software is acceptable;
  • select a few variants that meet the requirements.


Pre-test and customer approval

We test and evaluate all the variants we get from the selection. We show it to our customer and discuss the best options.



Together with the customer, we draw up a technical specification, including the requirements for customizing the appearance of the devices to match the brand code and installed software. We manage the entire customization process on the manufacturer's side.


Final testing

Promwad engineers test the updated software (if required) and perform remote testing of end devices.


Serial production

After we are 100% sure that the device corresponds to the customer's expectations, we start mass production.

Why Promwad?



We know the specifics of Southeast Asia laws, have the logistic experience, and established processes in this region



Dedicated technology specialists and developers with relevant practical experience



An in-depth examination of contract manufacturers and their professional certification


Our manufacturing support projects


Digital transceiver for kite surfers: design & prototyping We've helped a startup to design a digital handheld transceiver for kite surfers with a built-in MP3 player

Fish finder Industrial design & new generation enclosure

Fish finder We have developed a modern industrial design and construction for the next generation fish finder

DECT base station, VolP gateway, WiFi router, Office PBX, Server
Modem 7-in-one device We have designed and prepared for mass production an advanced VoIP modem router that provides all types of office communications
selection of materials, enclosure design and structure, manufacturing of Breathalyzer
Lapka breathalyzer We have developed a breath alcohol monitor with the extreme hardness of the outer enclosure and the inner enclosure resistant to corrosion
We developed the design and structural layout of an enclosure for binoculars
Binoculars for stadiums We developed the design and enclosure for binoculars with a discrete magnification power, as well as manufactured its prototypes
development and manufacturing of access control system reader
SOFAZ ACS reader We have developed the design and structure of enclosure for an access control system reader and then put the finished product into production
promwad have designed a digital IPTV STB with DVB-T and DVB-S/S2 support, based on the SMP8654 processor by SigmaDesigns

IPTV STB with DVB-T/S/S2We have designed a digital IPTV STB with DVB-T and DVB-S/S2 support, based on the SMP8654 processor by SigmaDesigns

5D cinema hardware and software complex at the order of a company which supplies animatronics

5D video hardware+softwareWe have developed a 5D cinema hardware and software complex at the order of a company which supplies animatronics

IPTV STB design for SmartLabs
SmartLabs IPTV set-top box We have developed a range of IPTV set-top boxes, ensured license coverage for all the proprietary coding standards for audio and video
Smart home multimedia controller

Smart house controller (HDMI-CEC) for a Swiss company We have designed the HDMI-CEC controller to manage a home multimedia complex: cinema, tuner, VCR and other devices

Design and development of Lapka sensors for iPhone
Lapka sensors for iPhone: prototyping & production We have developed the enclosure design, manufactured the pilot batch and prepared for mass production a set of sensors for iPhone
The development of portable black box for an automobile
OBD-II vehicle data logger We have developed a portable automobile recorder for control and diagnostics of technical state ("black box" for an automobile)

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