We are turning 15 years: 15 quick facts about Promwad!

Fifteen years have passed since the Promwad innovation company started its activity in the field of electronics development. In honor of this momentous event, we prepared 15 facts you might not have known about Promwad!

  1. The history of the company began in 2004, on the day when a team of ambitious specialists with strong technical expertise decided to get together and set up a contract electronics development business!
  2. The first project of the company was the optimization of the graphical interface rendering on a mobile measuring device worth $400. This was the starting point of the successful company you see now.

  3. In 2006, Promwad signed a contract to develop an onboard computer for the combine. This project was implemented in record time — 1.5 months and its budget was yet around several thousand dollars. At the end of the project, it became clear that there were no new ones yet, and the company's resources were running out. And the decision made was quite unusual — going on a trip with the whole team! This trip has replenished the strength of the team and made it possible to work on new projects more actively.
  4. While creating the portfolio, our company little by little left behind small projects taking up more serious ones. A rapid growth started in 2007 when Promwad signed two big projects right away — with Canadian company JVL and Swiss company RigiSystems.
  5. In November 2009 Promwad organized the forum for digital electronics developers, which gathered more than 100 professionals. At that moment Promwad had around 35 employees.
  6. 2010 became a year when Promwad became an official partner of STMicroelectronics — the world leading electronics & semiconductor manufacturer.
  7. 2012 was a year of initiating a partnership with Texas Instruments, which let Promwad join the TI Design Network — a worldwide community of respected companies offering their solutions on the base of TI semiconductor products.
  8. In the same year, Promwad started cooperation with JTAG Technologies, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of boundary-scan products.
  9. In May 2013 we held a re-branding, which resulted in our new logo and the official website launch.

  10. In August 2013 Promwad successfully passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification in the field of software development and testing.
  11. We opened the new office in Vilnius in 2016.
  12. In 2017, Promwad developed a navigation station for neurosurgeons — a neuronavigator for performing complex operations on the brain and spinal cord.

  13. In 2017 Promwad became an authorized Allwinner design-house and the huge Chinese fabless-companies Telink and Realtek’s official partner.
  14. We strive to achieve the new heights and explore more not only in business but also for pleasure. In July 2018 we started our mountain trekking adventure club named Promwad Travel. The first trip to the Carpathian mountains took place in August, then we conquered the Tatras in 2019, and now we are aiming to climb the five-kilometer Kazbek!

  15. Promwad today has 115 specialists and 15 years of contract electronics development. The company's portfolio includes more than 325 projects. Our customers have already produced more than 3 million devices, and we are not going to stop!

Our story is just the beginning of a great journey. Thank you for your trust!