Promwad announces new multimedia and automation developments

We have published a description of specialized technologies for new products development in the sphere of consumer electronics, telecommunication and automation. Our hardware and software solutions will help to significantly reduce the time of projects implementation.

HiFi Audio board for Beaglebone is an extension board with multi-function audio interface that allows to create a high-quality audio player based on popular Beaglebone single board computer.

STBs on Android and Amlogic are the STB prototypes based on Amlogic processors line, which are specially designed for the development of "smart" STBs with functionality of a tablet computer (video games support, internet access, etc.).

Processor modules for various applications:

System on Module based on DM3730 processor from Texas Instruments (SODIMM-200 form factor) for multimedia applications. The use of this module helps to reduce time, costs and risks during new products introduction. The DM3730 processor is energy-efficient, has rich capabilities for playback and recording of multimedia streams and supports OpenGL ES 3D-graphic as well as 1080p HD video.

System on Module based on SPEAr1340 processor by STMicroelectronics is a hardware and software platform for industrial application. SPEAr1340 processor possesses low power consumption, has a rich set of interfaces and integrated periphery, helps to develop highly integrated multifunctional systems (stationary and portable).