Promwad Becomes Freescale’s New Partner

Freescale Semiconductor Inc., one of the global leaders in manufacturing semiconductor solutions, has awarded the Promwad Innovation Company the status of an official partner and a ]]>Freescale Connect]]> participant.

Promwad has successfully qualified for an international network of independent developers of new devices and embedded systems based on Freescale solutions. Working within this ecosystem gives Promwad access to technologies by the American vendor before they enter the mass market. The latest evaluation boards, processors, roadmaps and technical support combined with the extensive experience and expertise of Promwad’s engineering team translates into new opportunities for successful contract development of industrial, network and multimedia electronics.

Promwad engineers will be able to use the company’s broad experience in designing communication controllers for industrial automation based on multi-core PowerPC processors from the Freescale QorIQ line, to solve specialized problems using  i.MX6 processors and utilize the capabilities of Linux and RTEMS for solving real-time tasks.