Lapka and Promwad designed mini laboratory for iPhone

By order of startup Lapka we developed enclosure design and launched into production a set of five sensors for the iPhone. The devices are designed for measuring the level of radiation, humidity, electromagnetic radiation and nitrates in foodstuffs.

Lapka sensors are connected to the Apple smartphones via audio jack, use iPhone battery and CPU, take measurements and display the results in the interface of specific iOS applications.

In frames of the project Promwad fulfilled the following tasks:    

  1. Selection of materials for the enclosure. Dozens of wood, plastic and metal samples were investigated. The analysis helped to select the best combination: dark hardwood (no cover), ivory plastic and stainless steel. The customer was able to check all the materials due to prototypes: to evaluate the color, tactile feel, weight, and other parameters.   
  2. Development of all components design: 3D-modeling and design documentation for mass production.    
  3. Production of equipment (a set of molds) for series production.    
  4. Release of the initial batch of parts for the sensors.

The successful combination of materials and modern design solution resulted in the external view of the new development. Lapka device looks as stylish talismans that protect from the harmful effects of the environment. It differs from other measuring devices. Lapka set of sensors is already available for order on the manufacturer's ]]>website]]>.