Following Alexa and Echo: Amazon is developing an 'emotions-reading' device

In the latest report from Bloomberg, it’s become known about Amazon’s plans to develop an emotion detection wearable, with the ability to recognize feelings from the human voice.

The device is described as a wrist-wearable with the capabilities of wellness and health tracking. The developing team consists of the hardware designing group of Amazon’s Echo smart speaker and the Alexa virtual assistant software developers. It will likely be an Alexa-infused product line expansion in case the device will ever come to the consumer market.

The “emotions-reading” gadget is aimed to work in pair with the smartphone software providing the feature of analyzing a user’s voice and giving a suggestion on behaving in various emotional conditions.

This is, for sure, an outstanding device that is unique of its kind. We keep tracking on hardware innovations supported and developed by giant tech companies. Let's trace their future together!