ANGA COM: our notes from Europe's leading event

The leading exhibition in Europe ANGA COM ended on June 6, but we are still under impressions and ready to share them with you! More than 20 thousand participants saw 500 exhibits and Promwad was among them. OTT, fiber and AppTV became the main spheres of the event.

We’ve highlighted some stands. For instance, a worldwide leader in networking solutions Cisco showed a lot of technological developments. Cloud Native Broadband Router by Cisco (cnBR) allows to transform and visualize Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) thanks to a cloud-native application built on open-source tools. Very soon cnBR will be available on the market. Earlier this solution has been used by Midco.

Besides all the listed, exhibition visitors had the opportunity to attend an advanced conference that organizers consider as the best one in their experience? experience. In the context of Broadband Day, Smart City visitors could join the open discussion Smart City and 5G.

We hope that you didn’t lose the chance to spend your time at ANGA COM night and sample food in an open-air zone. Thanks for all attendees who met with us but if you haven’t time to do it – just contact us.

See you at large-scale platform ANGA COM on May 12-14, 2020 in Cologne, Germany!