BG22: Silicon Labs breakthrough for Bluetooth 5.2 devices

Analysts promise continuous growth in the supply of Bluetooth devices up to 2024. The development and implementation of solutions in this field will remain relevant and promising in the next few years. 

Silicon Labs continues to develop its Wireless Gecko series to create competitive advantages for IoT devices worldwide. The new universal systems on the BG22 chips are designed for both commercial and home devices as well as industrial applications.

The BG22 makes the best energy saving offer with ultra-low reception and transmission power (3.6 mA TX at 0 dBm, 2.6 mA RX) and the high-performance M33 core (27 µA/MHz active and 1.2 µA in sleep mode). These characteristics extend the button cell battery life up to more than five years!


Image source: Silicon Labs

Use the BG22 to:


The EFR32BG22C224 chip-based system achieves RX sensitivity down to -106.7 dBm with access to 125kB and 500kB Bluetooth LE PHY chips. This development extends the flash memory to 512kB and increases the operating temperature to +125 ºC to support a variety of applications.


Silicon Labs developed the SoC EFR32BG22C222 for high-performance computing applications. Now you can increase TX power (+6 dBm) and I/O operations (up to 26 GPIOs).


The EFR32BG22C112 provides 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps Bluetooth PHY access through a combination of 38.4 MHz Arm Cortex-M33 core, 352kB flash, and industry-leading receive sensitivity of 99 dBm (RX).

Besides, Silicon Labs provides access to Secure Boot with Root of Trust, Secure Loader, and Secure Debug technologies to protect products during the development.