Necessary detail in the FPGA ecosystem: Coral FPGA InAccel Resource Manager

In case you didn’t know, one of the advantages of the FPGA is lower power consumption and higher performance compared to GPUs and CPUs for general purpose due to optimization for specific tasks.

Today, a lot of clouds and high-performance computing providers, such as Amazon, Alibaba, Huawei, etc., pay great attention to FPGAs in their data centers. Unfortunately, using the FPGA cluster from several applications is almost impossible. In order to distribute the workload across multiple FPGAs on a server, users perform hand-operated scheduling to complete distributions. Thus, the deployment of FPGA clusters is limited due to the necessity of specialized managers and planners.

InAccel addressed this issue and released the newest version of Coral FPGA Resource Manager. Coral allows applications to share an FPGA cluster on a single server. However, resource management, scheduling and load balancing of each FPGA is no longer an obstacle to work.

InAccel FPGA coral resource manager for FPGA clusters. Source — InAccel

Coral FPGA also makes it much easier to use FPGA in software, replacing OpenCL with simple software functions. The new resource manager allows programmers to seamlessly access FPGA accelerators and get useful information about the operation of FPGA through a light-weight graphical monitoring tool.

Coral FPGA InAccel Resource Manager is available in a free community version with restrictions and an enterprise version.