Coronavirus affects hardware: impact on the industry and the world economy

The coronavirus situation threatens the lives of dozens of thousands of people, as well as the world economy. Since January 22, China's cities are closing for quarantine. That means all factories stopped working for more than a month. The supply chain of components has been disrupted all over the world. Wuhan, the most important production and logistics center, has been hit hardest.

Taking into account that China provides about 17% of the world GDP, the situation has become worldwide. Last week was fatal for the markets –– panic sales of risky assets began, and the vast majority of companies fell by 15-20%. Such kind of a large-scale collapse was last seen in 2008, during the global economic crisis. Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) in China has reached a record minimum for the last 20 years – 35,7.


Facilities of publicly-traded companies engaged in prominent supply-chain production by industries. Data source: Bloomberg

Technological companies have become the main victims. China accounts for about 35% of chip sales. That's why the smartphone, PC, automotive, and other electronics markets are now so vulnerable. For example, Apple and HP have been experiencing a drop in the last week. 

Bernstein analyst Stacy Rasgon believes that the weakness of business in this field will not last long. However, Promwad is considering a possible transfer of manufacturing facilities closer to European customers:

"I think this trend will be massive, and most companies will somehow diversify their production capacity in favor of production closer to the client, on the EU and US markets. Thus, the European hardware companies will have an opportunity in additional contracts moved from China. But this is a weak consolation. Of course, we wish that the story with the coronavirus would end soon, and everybody would switch to the normal routine," says Marketing Director of Promwad Yuri Rosolko.

Global situation

Meanwhile, the increase in the number of cases in China is declining. A new problem is a speed with which coronavirus is spreading around the world. South Korea, Italy, and Iran are now in the center of attention. If the tendency doesn't change, the epidemic will turn into a pandemic. In this case, production around the world will stop due to quarantine. 



Technological companies feel problems not only with supplies but also with doing business in general. A recent shock for all was the cancellation of the largest media event in the Mobile World Congress, which was to bring together more than 100,000 participants in Barcelona. 

Market leaders, one after another, began to refuse participation in another significant event –– Embedded World. The exhibition took place, but the economic effect for all parties was much lower than expected. Companies lost the possible contracts, the organizers –– huge sums of money, and the host parties did not receive anything from visitors of the exhibition. In such a way, the sales departments of many companies noted a decrease in profits in the first quarter of 2020.

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Our solutions 


IoT waste management systemWe designed a module that manages a set of boards on garbage trucks and automates waste storage and disposal

Gas analyzer enclosure manufacturing We provided simulations & mechanical design, designed molds, and helped the client launch mass manufacturing

Custom fitness tracker industrial design

Custom fitness tracker industrial design Promwad's white-label consumer electronics design expertise helped the customer produce 10k+ fitness trackers

IPTV delivery: Android and iOS apps with multi-screen We've developed mobile apps for Android/iOS with multi-screen support, which connects 5 devices to 1 account

ROFES, tragbarer Hausarzt mit mobiler App We created the industrial and mechanical design, developed the software, designed the hardware and the test bench for the functional tests.

ZIVE, personal radiation monitor + mobile app We've designed a portable radiation monitor and an app which are paired via Bluetooth for fast-evolving European company

Digital transceiver for kite surfers: design & prototyping We've helped a startup to design a digital handheld transceiver for kite surfers with a built-in MP3 player

Work & Fun transformer: mobile robotic workstation We designed an "all-in-one" system with a set of embedded applications, interactive screen, and robotic servomotor
Enclosure design for Polimaster dosimeter We designed an enclosure of a professional dosimeter and finalize the printed circuit board (PCB)
We helped the client to launch mass production of the depth finder enclosure
Depth finder: industrial & mechanical design We have developed the design and construction of the depth gauge housing according to the customer's requirements
Fish finder Industrial design & new generation enclosure

Fish finder: industrial & mechanical design We have developed a modern industrial design and construction for the next generation fish finder

Smart Health Wristband

Smart Health WristbandWe designed a practical, easy-to-fit and ergonomic wristband with ECG. Industry experts shortlisted it for the industrial design competition

Air quality monitoring system for smart cities We designed a hardware and software system with measuring devices to collect and send the data to Bosch IoT Suite

selection of materials, enclosure design and structure, manufacturing of Breathalyzer
Lapka breathalyzer: prototyping & production We have developed a breath alcohol monitor with the extreme hardness of the outer enclosure and the inner enclosure resistant to corrosion
TAO WellShell: software and circuit design upgrades with manufacturing support
TAO fitness gadget: upgrades battery life up to 300% Promwad's engineering team upgrade TAO’s software and PCB design to ensure a longer battery life
Enclosure design for a mobile communication and navigation terminal

Navigation-link terminal: enclosure & mechanical design We have developed a shock-resistant enclosure and mechanical design for a purpose navigation terminal with a walkie-talkie function

Glucometer for iOS or Android smartphones We have created a mobile gauge of glucose concentration in the blood that works paired with mobile phones under iOS or Android control
Bluetooth device + iOS & Android apps for Parrot We have developed a compact device for collecting data from Bluetooth sensors and transmitting them to the server
We developed the design and structural layout of an enclosure for binoculars
Binoculars: enclosure design & prototyping We developed the design and enclosure for binoculars with a discrete magnification power, as well as manufactured its prototypes
we have ported Android and Linux kernel to the OMAP-3530 hardware platform by Texas Instruments

Android and Linux Kernel porting to OMAP-3530We have ported Android and Linux kernel to the OMAP-3530 hardware platform by Texas Instruments

Lapka breathalyzer: prototyping & production We have developed the enclosure design, manufactured the pilot batch and prepared for mass production a set of sensors for iPhone
we developed a multifunction mini-server for solving a wide range of tasks in IP networks, functions as a computer or a server

IP-Plug ARM mini-server: turnkey designWe have developed the multifunction mini-server for solving a wide range of tasks in IP networks, functions as a computer or a server