Cross-platform software framework for SaaS cloud-based Wi-Fi management platform provider



Cross-Platform Software Framework for SaaS Cloud-Based Wi-Fi Management Platform Provider

The COVID-19 pandemic made workplace transformation inevitable. This year organizations were forced to change their attitude on the role of the office. Businesses put many efforts to make home-based work as conducive as possible. That mainly had the effect of increasing investments in audio/video conferencing solutions, which in turn require corresponding network bandwidth.

Therefore, simple means for network configuration, including WiFi, and the number of related engineering projects are gaining traction. Our telecom department has developed an easy-to-use and cross-platform software framework for the SaaS cloud-based WiFi management service provider. The solution delivers fully managed WiFi with routing, mesh and gigabit capacity controlled by a mobile app.

The client has developed an OpenWRT-based operating system that is ported to the end-user's CPE. However, vendors’ SDK doesn’t allow compatibility of the most Realtek and Mediatek-based routers with OpenWRT. Our engineers helped solve this problem by developing a platform-independent agent application, which includes all the logic of interaction with the client’s platform and can be easily integrated into the SDK of WiFi routers from different providers.

We used the following technologies: the messaging system, Protocol Buffers, Caching DNS Proxy, DNS over HTTPS, JSON, REST API, HTTPS, and libevent.

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