CVPR 2019: our notes from the premier annual computer vision event

Last week (16-20 June) Long Beach, CA hosted the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition — CVPR 2019. Impressed by innovations in the next generation of intelligent systems utilizing the latest machine learning techniques applied to various areas of machine perception Ivan Kuten has shared some insights and photos from the leading computer vision event.

First of all, among the innovations contributing to electronics engineering, we want to highlight the potential of AI to revolutionize wireless communications. Powerful machine learning and deep learning algorithms showcased at CPRV can give an end-to-end optimization of wireless networks, overcome the design complexity of radio frequency systems, and, as a result, improve channel bandwidth, antenna sensitivity, and spectrum monitoring.

Among other AI innovations from the exhibitors, we’d like to note out a machine learning system capable of constructing images of unseen objects from Intel. Also, Microsoft showed ObjGAN, an AI model that can understand captions, sketch layouts, and refine details based on the caption’s exact wording, and StoryGAN, which can generate comic-like storyboards from multi-sentence paragraphs. There were also many other cutting-edge developments from the tech titans such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, and Tesla.

Can’t wait to meet you at CVPR 2020!