Forced cancellation of Mobile World Congress 2020

The largest mobile event Mobile World Congress was to be held on February 24-27 in Barcelona but was unexpectedly canceled less than two weeks before the start. In recent days, most awaited companies refused to attend the MWC due to the coronavirus outbreak. Among them are Amazon, AT&T, Ericsson, LG, ZTE, Cisco, Nokia, BT, HMD, and others. As a result, the great show lost its value to visitors and closed. 

Earlier the organizers of the event, GSMA, provided disinfection and even banned the participation of people from some provinces of China. Even though all necessary steps have been taken in Barcelona to ensure the social health of Spain residents and its visitors, the company's representatives are afraid of the current situation in the world. They do not risk to go to such a mass event. We remind you that every year more than 100,000 decision-makers come to Barcelona to explore innovations at the MWC. 


Image source: MWC

As organizers of the event have noted, the city administration has taken the situation with understanding and plans to continue cooperation in the organization of follow-up events.

It’s worth noting that the cancellation of MWC 2020 will inevitably have a negative impact on the sales of companies in the near future as well as financial losses due to preparations for the exhibition. It is clear that the economic effect of almost 500 million euros from the event will not be achieved, either that GSMA has suffered huge losses. 

The next question that worries many technology companies is whether we should expect the cancellation of other large-scale events such as Embedded World? So far, there's no information about this on the official website, and we hope that this event will not repeat the fate of MWC. We are also sure that the organizers will take care of the visitors’ safety. We will be glad to see you on Feb 25-27 in Nuremberg. 

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Our solutions 


Dashcam design based on Ambarella SoC We designed hardware with the Ambarella H32 SoC and the IMX335 image sensor by Sony. The device runs Linux and Threadex OS.

Control board for the automatic gearbox selector We provided circuit design, software development, design and manufacturing of PCBs for a gearbox selector

IoT waste management systemWe designed a module that manages a set of boards on garbage trucks and automates waste storage and disposal

Hardware & software for in-vehicle infotainment system The customer has implemented our Qualcomm SA8155P-based engineering solution in the vehicle's infotainment

Ambarella CV25 based module for consumer cameras We've designed a compact Ambarella CV25 based module for consumer cameras in sports, drones, wearables, VR application areas

Battery Management System development We developed a software and hardware platform to protect and manage battery packs of any size designed according to automotive standards
Unit for communication and navigation on the railway

Railway navigation system design with GPS We offered the customer a hardware solution based on three modules (units) that are connected with cables

Jade platform for automotive infotainment systems We developed hardware & software platform for automotive display, monitoring, and diagnostics systems based on the Fujitsu Jade MB86R01

Controller for traction drive: HW & SW developmentWe upgraded the controller of an electric traction device for subway carriages made more than ten years ago

Industrial design for a car alarm key fob Promwad engineering team developed an enclosure design for a car alarm key fob on the available PCB
Onboard multimedia computer

Onboard multimedia computer for the EU marketWe have developed a sophisticated hardware and software system for multimedia, GPS navigation, travel time calculation, control of air conditioning

OBD-II vehicle data logger: turnkey design We have developed a portable automobile recorder for control and diagnostics of technical state ("black box" for an automobile)
Car navigator: development + prototyping We have developed a car navigation device which supports GPS, mobile communication and data transmission