FPGA: Promwad Predictions on Hacker Noon Blog

The worldwide popular blog about technology, Hacker Noon, has published our vision for the FPGA tendencies in 2020.

Promwad company has completed hundreds of projects in the field of FPGA development for 15 years. We've analyzed our experience and found some interesting regularities. Combined our findings with the current trends in the IT-world, we took the liberty to predict the future of FPGA for the next year.


Our forecast includes the following industries:

  • 5G and Telecom
  • Internet of Things
  • Neural Networks and Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Data Centers
  • Connected and Driverless Cars
  • Healthcare and Diagnosis
  • Finances, Trading, and Insurance
  • Industrial Manufacturing and Construction


Now we are at the brink of a new threshold of the next round of technological advancements. Promwad, being a skilled FPGA development contractor, can help your business achieve new horizons in the competitive battlefield. Contact us by the link below.