Intel runs Barefoot to lead position in the Ethernet chip market segment

A week ago, global corporation Intel announced the acquisition of California-based computer networking company Barefoot. This young company has only 6-years of experience but has already demonstrated good results in the sphere of Ethernet communication and software for data centers. As is also well known, Tencent, Google, and Amazon invested in the Barefoot earlier.

The main reason for the purchase is Intel’s desire to get experience in the sphere of cloud network architectures, computational networking, P4 compilers and opportunities for the clients in data centers. Also, working together on cloud networking and infrastructure allows Intel to become a complex leader and continue to deliver new workloads.

Look at the statistics: 50% of the information that was received during the two last years and only two percent were analyzed for now. Thus, Intel plans to take advantage of the potential in the sphere of unused data and enhance its competitive advantages in the hyper-scale segment.
Just to remind you: in May, NVIDIA won the race for acquisition of Mellanox and now Intel is running Barefoot to be more competitive. Become the spectator of such competitions with us!