Save the date: April 15-16, the conference on wireless & telecom in Milan

Milan, Italy hosts the International Conference on Wireless and Telecommunication on April 15-16, 2019. This event brings together business professionals, scientists, and directors of associations there to exchange case studies and researches on the latest research progress within the theme “An Inflation step towards Wireless World”.

This year, the conference will focus on wireless communication, 5G, e-health, green communications, multi-hop routing, and optical networks. The speakers will provide the audience with quality research and will help to identify future trends in the design of telecom and wireless devices. There will be not only fundraisers, researches and innovators but also product developers, solution providers, sales & marketing professionals.

Also, this conference on wireless and telecommunication is an excellent opportunity to see Milan in spring, enjoy its architecture and a special blend of rich history and novelty. So we kindly recommend to visit this event and hear from the industries’ professionals.


Photo source: brochure of the International Conference on Wireless and Telecommunication.