The Leader/Phabrix deal enhancing test and measurement business

Earlier in August video & audio broadcast test solutions provider Japanese Leader Electronics has acquired British Phabrix, the world-leading test and measurement instruments manufacturer. The reason for such an acquisition is the desire of both companies to put engineering and design expertise at the heart of development.

PHABRIX provides its customers with a full range of portable solutions for product development, quality assurance & monitoring, and rapid fault diagnosis. Their technology map consists of advanced HDR/WCG visualization, ultra-responsive physical layer analysis, and IP video stream generation. 

Among the solutions provided by Leader Electronics Corp., are award-winning rasterizing test instruments and 3G/HD/SD SDI waveform monitors. The companies are going to develop their existing product lines and work out development plans with a joint worldwide sales presence.


“With our combined talent and complementary product lines, together with a greater geographical reach, it’s going to be a very exciting future for staff, customers and our global distribution partners.”

Phillip Adams, Managing Director, PHABRIX


The deal will push the Telestream business resulting in maximizing growth and companies’ global presence in the competitive test and measurement industry.