In the race toward autonomy: opportunities of the New Mobility

When it comes to discussions around future mobility there is a vast majority of all possible capabilities autonomous vehicles can bring. For many years, all carmakers with their talented engineers around the world have been working on building different-purpose computers in their products. What’s happening now? Seems like the car itself is becoming a computer, or, as they call it, car-turned-computer. Still, many questions are left and the world engineering community will face some issues.

Anyway, automobiles will keep acquiring more autonomy and self-aware, already allowing us to identify the so-called concept of vehicle-to-everything communication or V2X. The main task here is to think over how to, from the one hand contribute to related industries like telecommunications (to boost high-speed wireless connection) or artificial intelligence, and design groundbreaking automotive systems and connected in-vehicle devices from the other. In other words, to make efforts towards building comfort and effective infrastructure for future mobility.

One more point we’d like to touch upon is defining all the requirements concerning e-mobility (primarily to electrified vehicles). Whether the materials are used sustainably, are they enough environmentally friendly and, at the same time safe for the passengers? These are the issues raised by many young companies and startups now. Car manufacturers and OEMs should bear in mind that open communication within the engineering community, partnership and cooperation will push the industry forward and expose new opportunities for growth, innovations, and sustainability.