Promwad developed the air quality monitoring system for 'smart cities'

Air pollution is one of the most dangerous environmental problems. The level of air pollution affects cardiovascular and respiratory health, which is particularly essential in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

To solve the problem of air quality control, the EU has provided a grant for Promwad company to develop the project. We developed the enclosure design of the device, provided support for various types of communications, and developed a software platform for collecting, analyzing, and uploading received data.



The Promwad hardware and software complex allows measuring such indicators, as CO, NO2, SO2, O3, PM2.5, PM10 as well as temperature, humidity, and pressure. This station is designed for outdoor installation, for mounting on masts/light poles or wall surfaces.

Our air control systems will be in demand at eco-farms, national parks, and smart cities. This is an excellent opportunity for industrial enterprises to obtain tax breaks and carbon credits.

We are happy to create such ambitious and socially significant projects for our clients. Contact us, and Promwad expert team will help you implement your most daring ideas!