NAB Show 2019: where content comes to life

NAB Show 2019 — the event exposing innovative technologies for multimedia content — is going to be held on April 6–11 in Las Vegas. And we are travelling there to hear from global thought leaders, discover new solutions and make new connections for future projects in the design of electronics devices and embedded software.

About 100K participants from 160+ countries are going to determine how content on any platform can be created, managed, delivered and monetized.

If you are interested in the latest trends impacting content from creation to consumption it’s a great chance to get the stories, solutions, techniques, and personal journeys from the leaders of trend-setters.

The amount of topics aiming to be discussed is unbelievable — it's difficult to choose something specific, so we want to recommend several spheres to ease your life:

  • Connecting with 5G: possible issues and blocks in adoption, security, infrastructure needs and more about 5G in the conversations from experts.
  • In-vehicle entertainment and the Passenger Economy: with technological development, the transportation sphere also becomes a place where content is consumed, and the passenger is the first we need to think of.
  • Cybersecurity in the IoT world: to the same extent IoT is popular and attracting there is a great number of security threats needed to be discussed.
  • AI and Machine Learning: we are overwhelmed by data but how to organize it and make it a power? AI, deep learning and machine learning are here to answer this particular question and many more.

Co-owner & Tech Expert at Promwad, Ivan Kuten, is going to be at NAB Show 2019, so don’t hesitate to contact him now and assign a meeting.