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Promwad Team Provides Face Tracking, Analysis, and Recognition Module on Ambarella Chip


Face recognition capability today is a common thing for smartphone users — most smartphones can be unlocked by Face ID. However, face recognition technology goes further and evolves rapidly, so as the supporting hardware & software. Promwad is also keeping pace: we offer a compact module for face recognition and analysis with various application areas.

Promwad Engineers are ready to develop a face recognition solution using our ready-made compact module based on the Ambarella CV25 chip. The chip supports CVflow architecture. The advantage of this solution is both high performance and low power consumption. If you need an innovation for connected drones and VR cameras that records up to 4K video at 60 frames per second while streaming, our team can provide a solution based on the Ambarella H22 chip.

Face tracking includes gaze and emotion tracking, which can be used in automotive applications. The technology also monitors emotions and determines a person's age and gender. In the area of biometrics, it allows tracking security. Our device is able to recognize and identify if it's a person or a robot, as well as recognize impending danger, which helps reduce robberies. Each of us has faced face recognition in the media sphere as well, for example, by trying-on masks or virtual makeup. What is more, you can also use face tracking solutions in Medtech to see how you will look after visiting your dentist or lip augmentation.

Have you been looking for a company to develop a face tracking and analysis solution? We can help you bring your idea to life by organizing a turnkey project. Tell us about your project, all information will be kept confidential.


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