Quantum tech promises 'unhackable' devices and super-secure networks


“Unhackable” devices, super-secure internet and 100% reliable communication networks, can they ever be reached? The security challenges are faced by almost all governments and businesses. Knowing that fact, the special Quantum Flagship initiative was organized with support by EU financed 1 billion euro in the projects located in Geneva and Barcelona. The german-based VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH is the initiative’s coordination center.

By what means are they going to make a revolution in the security of our digital lives? The answer is quantum physics, the science of unpredictably behaving small particles, allowing building totally secure chips and unhackable communication networks. Understanding the ways to control and manage these specific particles provide scientists with extraordinary technology for building the so-called quantum random number generators. It’s purity, compared to traditional computing won’t let hackers break the system down. The initiative’s project QRANGE is currently working on building more efficient generators and figuring out ways of their easy integration in any type of consumer gadgets.

What concerns super-secure communication networks, the are some issues of implementation and transferring data over the long distances. That is due to not yet robust, certified and compact existing hardware. 

However, the science of quantum key distribution promises a great deal in terms of building a super-secure connection everywhere:

“An example is the integration of these chips in server-type technology for security in data centers, and other examples include in connected cars, networks of Internet of Things devices and even mobile phones, which will gradually see the integration of these technologies.”

DCarlos Abellá, Quantum Flagship alumni

The good thing is that it’s progressively shifting from the lab to the market. Stay tuned.


Image source: Euronews