High-quality, inexpensive, and fast electronics product design? Or just two out of three?

Our project managers and engineers sometimes draw this funny Venn diagram when discussing a new design project. Everybody knows this equation: good, fast, cheap – pick any two. It's not always easy to choose just two of these competing elements. But if to be honest, you don't have to do it in all the projects.

In most cases, it's possible to reconsider your list of features and reduce the development time. Or to optimize the bill of materials (BOM) to reduce costs. Or to design the first working prototype (MWP) on the basis of a dev kit or board – this is a conscious downgrade of quality because the first stage of the design process often does not require the final version of the device. There is also such an option as platform development, the creation of new devices based on ready-made hardware and software platforms (CPU modules) – another opportunity to reduce costs and time-to-market.

Keeping in mind all these possibilities, we suggest flexible models of cooperation tailored to business goals and financial capacities of our clients. Here are four basic examples:

  1. Turnkey project: if you need to create an electronic product, including hardware and software for a new device or individual enclosure design, we can offer such services on a fixed-price basis.
  2. Development and support: you can get tech support for an electronic device throughout its entire life cycle, including software and functional testing, or optimization for mass production. In this case, you pay for an actual time spent.
  3. Dedicated team: in case you need extra specialists for your project, Promwad allows you to benefit from our engineering team.
  4. Partnership: we are open to new partnerships to share more business risks and benefits with our clients creating innovative and high-quality products.


If you don't know where to start within the development process, we recommend exploring the key stages of electronics design or just contact us to get advice from our technical experts.