Software development

Application software development and GUI design

We develop user/application software to expand the functionality of various devices: auto electronics, personal routers, digital TV-tuners and other “smart home” electronics, e-books, SOHO network equipment, etc.

  • Network and multimedia application development
  • Embedded web-oriented applications development for remote device monitoring and control
  • Graphic user interface design for touch screen and LCD screen devices
  • Equipment cross-platform client development

One of the basic stages of user software development is Graphic User Interface (GUI) design — a convenient mechanism for user-device interaction. Our designers perfect the ergonomics, style, and color solution of the interface, taking into account the specifics of display and graphics perception on various types of screens:

  • Black-and-white screens with e-Ink technology
  • Standard and high-resolution TV screens
  • Customized LCD with non-standard resolution
  • Mobile device OLED

We know that convenience and attractiveness of graphic interface and software quality may become the convincing argument for choosing a device, when comparing it to similar competing products.

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