Electronics contract manufacturing

Promwad’s Production Support Division specializes in custom production of state-of-the-art electronics, fabrication of samples and prototypes, development of fixtures (molds) for enclosures and plastic products, and in supplying operations with specialized components.

From small volume orders to large scale manufacturing, Promwad’s network of production facilities can take on electronics projects of nearly any size or type.

Why us?

— More than one million of produced devices
— Manufacturing locations in the CIS and SEA
— Partnerships with global components manufacturers

Our knowledge and experience extends to all types of electronics contract manufacturing, from creation of prototypes to production of components to fabrication of fixtures and molds for enclosures. We also conduct testing and quality assurance at all stages of the production process.

Our clients receive access to innovative production sites in South-East Asia (SEA), Russia and Europe, as well as skilled engineering support and effective production management throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

Promwad experts can assume responsibility for the whole project from concept to design to production, or they can perform individual tasks at any point in the project’s life cycle:

  • Consulting on selection of production and supply of specialized components
  • Selection of optimal production sites
  • Customization of engineering documentation for production activities
  • Design and implementation of logistics
  • Manufacture of fixtures for enclosure production
  • Development and manufacture of functional and in-circuit testing benches

Key benefits:

  • Complete ready-to-operate production cycle or the implementation of separate tasks: production launch and electronics manufacturing support, production of enclosure and prototypes
  • Expertise in successful launch of mass-production lines of complex electronic products in Russia and South-East Asia
  • A team of innovative engineers that can find solutions to problems of any level of difficulty
  • We use state-of-the-art, cost-effective technologies and a global network of production facilities to execute our projects
  • We work only with vetted manufacturers in CIS countries and South-East Asia, who guarantee high quality and timely delivery
  • Our clients have full control over the production process at every stage

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