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Custom CWMP client


We’ve finished a project, in which we’ve developed a software solutions line in the sphere of ACS Device & Remote Management.

We’ve gained substantial expertise in developing CWMP client application implementing the TR-069 protocol for GNU/Linux OS.

What is CPE WAN (CWMP)?

Broadband Forum (BBF) developed a CPE WAN Management Protocol TR-069 with the goal to standardize device management. The protocol embodies the secure autoconfiguration, and other CPE management features within a common framework. It is an application-layer protocol that normally communicates with an Automatic Configuration Server.



Our solution

What we offer?

We’ve designed a CWMP client application that implements the TR-069 protocol for GNU/Linux OS. 


  • C++
  • Cmake

Application purpose:

Communication with a server part via the CWMP protocol to transfer data and execute service commands. 


Remote server session creation, event mechanism implementation, sending, receiving & setting parameters values, objects adding and deleting, parameter values receiving & setting, executing of service methods Reboot, Download, FactoryReset.

tr69 solution promwad

TR-069 client software diagram

The TR-069 client software

In addition to the server data exchange via the CWMP protocol, the application implements a connection with the middleware through a TCP-socket using the JSON-RPC protocol. We used jsoncpp and jsonrpc libraries.

tr-069 sw diagram

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