Agricultural Machinery

Custom Design for Agricultural Machinery

Elevate your system performance and durability in challenging farming environments with our agricultural equipment design services! We develop software, hardware, and mass-produced embedded solutions to enhance operational accuracy and enable autonomous navigation.

We adhere to the industry standards, including ISO 25119, to ensure functional safety across all components. Let’s bring innovation to farm equipment design together with cutting-edge technologies: IoT, AI and machine learning, robotics, and cloud computing.

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Agricultural Machinery and Equipment We Work With

At Promwad, we develop software and hardware for agricultural machinery of any type:




Sprayers and Irrigation systems


Ploughs and Cultivators


Livestock feeders


Fruit graders

Our Services for Farm Equipment Design


Our engineers develop low-level and high-level agricultural machinery software to provide seamless functionality and top-notch user experience.

We create firmware and control algorithms that enhance precision and interaction between hardware components.

Additionally, our designs for agricultural machinery include integrating robust data analytics tools to ensure real-time insights.


We create robust agricultural machinery hardware tailored for optimal performance.

Our team builds advanced sensors, such as precision soil moisture detectors or weather monitoring devices, and actuators, employing high-torque motors and adaptive control algorithms.

Whether you need a component or a complex mechanical structure, we can ensure reliability in farm equipment design.

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Embedded systems

Our engineers build embedded systems for agricultural machinery to automate routine processes such as precise planting and harvesting.

We implement sensor arrays and adaptive algorithms to analyse soil conditions, adjust seed dispensing rates, and optimise planting depth for optimal yield.

Our farm machinery design services include developing GPS, telemetry, and remote monitoring solutions, as well as low-power wireless communication modules.

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Components We Build for Agricultural Machinery Design

Video solutions
Connectivity & PA
Clusters and HMI displays
EV solutions

Explore Our Case Studies

Integrated control system design

We created an integrated control system for gear shifting, rear and front PTO drive, rear axle differential lock, ​and front drive axle drive.

The system monitors and displays the status of various sensors on the front panel. Additionally, the solution controls its power circuits for short-circuit and no-load.

Key features​:

  • Front & rear power take-off shaft (PTO)
  • Gearbox​
  • Front axle drive​
  • Rear-axle differential lock
Integrated control system design

* Photo for illustration purposes only. John Deere CommandViewTM III Cab. 


Dashboard software for agricultural machinery

We designed a harvester dashboard solution with a lightweight graphical interface to control the harvesting process.

Technologies we used in our farm machinery design process:

  • Atmel’s MCU​
  • CAN, LIN sensors
Dashboard software for agricultural machinery

Dashboard for sewer cleaning truck

We developed the dashboard software ​for a company manufacturing sewer cleaning ​and waste disposal trucks.

Technologies we used in our software design for agricultural equipment:

  • IMX6 dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU​
  • Embedded operating system​
  • 11’ TFT display​
  • Qt library​
  • GPS​
  • CAN​
  • 3G
Dashboard for sewer cleaning truck

Our Tech Stack





Telematics modules

GPS, GSM, RF, Wi-FI, Bluetooth, LORA

Embedded software

AAC, AVI, H.264, JPEG, JPEG2000, MP3, MPEG 1 / 2 / 4, OGG Media, OGG Vorbis, RTP, WMA


NXP, Texas Instruments, Infineon, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Ambarella, Analog Devices and many others


Automotive: CAN, CAN FD, LIN, RS-485, Automotive Ethernet, USB, etc.

Safety Standards

  • ISO 25119 for all forestry and agricultural machinery hardware and software
  • ISO 61508 for all programmable electronic safety-related systems
  • IEC 61511 for process-related solutions, such as irrigation or grain drying systems

Communication Interfaces

We employ the following technologies to enable data exchange between different equipment brands and models, providing a single control system:

  • CAN J1939
  • ISOBUS (ISO 11783)

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We have 20 years of experience in cross-platform hardware and software development across various industries.

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