Custom Enclosure Design for Electronic Devices

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Custom enclosure solutions offered by Promwad provide both protection and aesthetics for your electronic devices and embedded systems. We create ready-to-use devices to meet your specific needs, industry standards, and performance.

Promwad manufacturing team takes projects that include custom enclosures and mechanical engineering according to the DFM approach or design for manufacturing. Our experts work together to consider every detail: the technical issues and style.

Let's design together: your idea, our expertise!

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In today's ever-changing business environment, companies face many challenges when bringing new products to market: the lack of proper expertise and resources, handling multiple vendors, and the technical complexity of designs. This leads to significant delays, increased expenses, and missed opportunities, impacting market competitiveness.

Our solution

With Promwad, you can avoid these pitfalls and stay ahead of the competition. Our custom enclosure design services guarantee functional, user-friendly devices and accelerated product launches. We collaborate closely with you to understand your business needs and engineer advanced solutions for your electronic devices and embedded systems, from the initial concept to the post-launch maintenance.


Why Promwad



We develop custom electronic enclosures following client needs and the latest market trends in terms of both style & development.



We provide the specified requirements for tightness, flexibility, and strength of the end product under IP standards.



We guarantee the perfect project outcomes based on our vast experience in industrial design, engineering, and production launch.

Enclosure Development Project Stages

At Promwad, we carry out the entire process of ​enclosure design, prototyping, and manufacturing.

1. Requirements

preliminary research, market survey, pricing factors definition, production requirements implementation

2. Materials

examination of the customer’s project based on the selected materials

3. Sketches

the first sketches and 2D/3D photorealistic images in a variety of colour and texture solutions

4. 3D modelling

for a more detailed elaboration of the future device, our designer develops a 3D model

5. DFM

enclosure prototyping and preparation for mass production in Europe or Asia

6. Production launch

we organise production in the right place in the world and provide the necessary consultations


You get a reliable end device with the required protection against solids, dust, falls, and water with unlimited immersion time to a certain depth. 

With our enclosure design services, you control the entire process, from creating the concept to the final ready-to-use device.

Results of Our Enclosure Design Services

3D modeling industrial design promwad

Design documentation

A project file with enclosure design details: costs, components, technologies, and specifications.

mechanical design promwad

Drawings for enclosure production

Detailed blueprints with dimensions, materials, and assembly instructions necessary for manufacturers.

Selection of materials promwad


An enclosure prototype for evaluating quality, functionality, and performance before mass production begins.

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Explore Our Completed Projects

Fish Finder

We have developed a custom enclosure, taking over the mechanical design and production start-up as well. We provided a high degree of protection against dust and moisture according to the IP67 standard. The robust rubberised device withstands falling from a height of 1.5 m on a hard surface. We also implemented a hermetically sealed sensor connector inside the device and made it easy to assemble and maintain.

sensors enclosure
waterproof enclosure
stylish enclosure
ceramic enclosure
compact enclosure
sensors enclosure
waterproof enclosure
stylish enclosure
ceramic enclosure
compact enclosure

What Our Clients Say

"At Kino-mo, we have developed the 3D Holo-Display, an innovative product which makes it possible to project 3-D images in the air. We turned to Promwad with the task of manufacturing new samples"

Kiryl Chykeyuk
Founder at Hypervsn (UK)

"Today, our IPTV STB is available at the market and competes on an equal footing with products by the world's leading manufacturers, such as Aminet and Motorola."

Igor Rumyantsev
Igor Rumyantsev
CTO & Co-Founder, SmartLabs (Germany)

Industrial Design Engineering

Ip rating / Sealing

Protection against drops, splashes, jets, flooding, dust


Vandal-resistant enclosures

Shock and fall protection


Two-component (2K) materials

Protection against corrosion


Components cooling

Thermal simulations to implement ventilation requirements 


Injection moulding simulation

Better moulded parts without defects


Shock and drop simulation


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Materials for Electronics Enclosures

Thanks to our excellent supply channels, we are ready to work with any materials for your electronic case design:

  • Various types of plastics: ABS, ABS+PC, EK, PC, PE, PVC, PMMA, polyamide plastics, etc.
  • Woods – different wood species, including composite combinations, such as wood + plastic.
  • Metals – production of device enclosure parts from stainless steel, aluminium, and aluminium-magnesium alloys, using multiple technologies (stamping, moulding, milling, extrusion moulding).

We can also employ other materials in industrial processes, such as rubber, ceramics, glass, etc. at the customer's request.

It is essential to understand that it is not always possible to use selected materials for mass production at the prototyping stage. For example, you cannot prototype a device with certain types of plastics that are nevertheless successfully used in manufacturing commercial devices. In this case, we use an analog that will reflect the original material's characteristics as fully as possible.

Ivan Kuten

Our goal is to create modern solutions and prepare them for mass production. In-depth experience in design and manufacturing helps us choose the optimal materials and technologies regarding the client's preferences, and the price range selected. Our clients always get stylish, reliable, and functional ready-to-use devices.

— Ivan Kuten, Co-owner & Tech Expert at Promwad

Our Locations

Based in Europe, Promwad serves clients worldwide. With our cross-industry expertise spanning automotive, digital TV and video streaming, industrial automation, and telecom, our team of over 100 engineers and managers is prepared to tackle any of your business challenges.




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