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Industrial Design Services for Electronics

Our industrial design projects include not only development of style and appearance of a custom-made enclosure, but also mechanical design and manufacturability analysis. We take all aspects of the project into account: the technical issues as well as the style and appearance.

Beginning with drafts and preliminary industrial design research, we take into account all of the technological and pricing factors of the new device. Our designers work together with technicians and engineers who implement the production requirements.

Our goal is to create modern design solutions and prepare them for mass-production

Industrial design and construction of the new generation echo sounders. Designers should take into account the customer's corporate identity and adapt the enclosure to the harsh conditions of operation, including low temperatures, down to -30℃.

At Promwad, we implement both the complex design development within one company. Our industrial designers control the entire process, from the creation of the concept to the final ready-to-use device.

Our range of services from project launch to mass-production

3D modeling industrial design promwad

3D modeling

As soon as we start developing the product concept, we make the first sketches and create 2D/3D images, based on the selected options with a variety of color and texture solutions.

mechanical design promwad

Mechanical design

Our mechanical engineers work with sheet metal bending, extrusion technology, MDF 3D printing and CAD software: SolidWorks, Moldflow, OptisWorks, SolidWorks simulation.

We will help to choose the optimal materials, taking into account the electronics enclosure design needs, the client’s preferences and the chosen price range.

Vizualization and rendering promwad

Rendering & Vizualization

Visualization (rendering) allows to get a photorealistic image to show color and materials of a future product even before the prototyping and production launch.

We can check the device for assembly conformity, evaluate its look and convenience, as well as make the final decisions on the optimal materials and components.

At promwad, we can help with a choice of the best production site in Europe or South-East Asia, which will provide the required quality and acceptable business terms.

What our clients say

"At Kino-mo, we have developed the 3D Holo-Display, an innovative product which makes it possible to project 3-D images in the air. We turned to Promwad with the task of manufacturing new samples."

— Kiryl C. | Founder at Hypervsn

"Today, our IPTV STB is available at the market and competes on an equal footing with products by the world's leading manufacturers, such as Aminet and Motorola."

— Igor R. | CTO & Co-Founder, SmartLabs

Why our clients order industrial design at Promwad?

Within our company, we carry products through the entire process of design and development. Our industrial designers control the entire process, from the creation of the concept to the final ready-to-use device. Our customers receive the following benefits:

  • Analysis of prototypes and countertypes of the new design as well as enclosure development in accordance with client specifications and the latest market trends.
  • An efficient team of a designer, an engineer, and a production technician collaborating through all stages of the project.
  • Confidence inspired by our vast experience, and our track record of successfully completed projects in industrial design, engineering, and production launch.
  • Selection of the optimal production site for manufacture of prototypes and mass-production. Outsourcing of the basic technological processes allows us to choose the best contractors for each task.
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology for plastic enclosure design.
industrial designer Promwad

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