Mechanical Design Services for Electronics Enclosures

Mechanical engineering design services cover a wide range of solutions aimed at optimising and advancing mechanical systems, including housing for hardware and enclosures for electronics. Promwad transforms concepts into well-engineered devices and systems that meet your requirements and industry standards.


Our mechanical engineers provide you with the highest level of customer service throughout the entire mechanical design and development process. We'll work closely with you to understand your expectations and deliver custom enclosure designs, ensuring that your products stand out in the competitive markets.


How We Create Mechanical Design Solutions

With Promwad, you can develop solutions for various industries: we can cover not only mechanical design for consumer electronics but also can take over machine enclosure design or act as your industrial enclosure manufacturer. 
Our process includes the following stages:
1. Mechanical design consultancy: we start with your requirements, taking into account technologies, required materials, and the location of your production site or we offer electronic enclosure manufacturers from the list of our trusted partners.  
If your task can be solved by customising a ready-made solution, we will offer our white label agency services, which is much more cost-effective than developing from scratch.


2. Сonceptualisation: we create 2D sketches in various styles, considering the dimensions of your screen PCB, battery, and other components inside.  

3. Ergonomics: we make mock-ups in foam or plasticine to test ergonomics/usability.  

4. 3D modelling: we scan the model and develop a 3D model.

5. Prototyping with 3D printing or milling techniques.

What We Consider in Your Mechanical Design

As a provider of design services and electronics manufacturing solutions, Promwad finds the optimal solution from business and technology perspectives, taking into account the following parameters:

Ip rating / Sealing

Water and dust protection


Vandal-resistant devices

Shock and fall protection


Mechanical parts

If needed for mechanical enclosures design


Components cooling

Thermal simulations to implement ventilation requirements


Injection moulding simulation

Better moulded parts without defects


Shock and drop simulation


Why order industrial and mechanical design at Promwad?


We don't generate product ideas that can't be produced. Our works are always technological, and the pre-renders are practically realisable


Thermal modelling based on temperature conditions and ventilation requirements to ensure the reliability and functionality of the future device


As a mechanical design company, we create diverse solutions using various enclosure materials and their combinations for successful manufacturing.


We use CREO (formerly Pro/Engineer), a next-generation CAD system that is a scalable suite of engineering automation tools

Industrial and mechanical design

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