Software & Hardware

Robotics Design Services

We develop autonomous and powerful robotic systems that bring business value

Robotics design services at Promwad include the development of devices for various applications, including autonomous lawnmowers, instructional robots, drones, and quadcopters. Using AI and computer vision, our team creates autonomous systems with haptics, pattern and face recognition, situational awareness, and navigation tools.

We utilise NVIDIA Jetson and Xilinx Kria hardware platforms and integrate chips from NXP, TI, ST, and Renesas to ensure the robust performance of your robot. Our engineers cover the entire robotics product development process, including firmware, drivers, cloud solutions, and other software based on Linux and ROS.

Our Expertise in Robotics Development


Robots from сoncept to production

We offer end-to-end solutions covering all your needs, including cobot development, mobile and household robots (e.g. hoovers and window cleaning systems), industrial machinery, transport and logistics robots, drones, and UAVs.

ROS-Based Product Development

ROS-based product development

With ROS (robot operating systems), we create complex software with a focus on our clients’ unique business needs. Our ROS-based software development services are the best choice when reliability and uptime are of the utmost importance.

Industrial Video Surveillance Systems

Industrial video surveillance systems

Within our robotics design and development services, we create video surveillance systems based on Jetson Nano. These solutions help you automatically detect rejects in production, handle video streaming, and monitor security.

Complex Mechatronic Systems

Complex mechatronic systems

We create lift electronics, conveyors, crane electronics, and CNC solutions. These systems respond to changes in various physical parameters such as weight, pressure, temperature, and more.

AI-Powered Robot Software

AI-powered robot software

Our robotics design software is equipped to perform complex tasks to take your business to the next level with computer vision, object detection and tracking, semantic and instance segmentation, image reconstruction, and other features.

Motor Control Devices

Motor control devices

We develop sophisticated solutions to facilitate motor control operations. Our team creates diverse solutions, including variable-frequency drives (VFD), frequency inverters, servo drives, soft starters, multi-axis motion controllers, stepper motor controllers, and others.

Ensure the flawless performance of your robotics with custom solutions by Promwad!

Our Tech Stack


micro-ROS, ROS/ROS 2, LinuxCNC, Linux/Linux RT, RTOS



Motor types

PMSM, ACIM, BLDC, stepper motor


Lidars, radars, sonar and camera sensors

Camera interfaces and standards

SDI, HD-SDI, 12G-SDI, HDMI, MIPI CSI, MIPI CSI-2, FPD-Link III, Camera Link, USB, GigE, CoaXPress

Industrial automation apps

Mobile and web-based app development for WebOS, iOS, Android


SSI, BiSS, Hiperface DSL, EnDat, absolute encoder, incremental encoder

Robot Platform

AutoRally, Linorobot, onine, Rock, ROS, ROS 2, YARP


ViSP, BundleTrack, se(3)‑TrackNet

Inverse Kinematics

IKBT, RelaxedIK, Trip

Dynamics Simulation

ARCSim, Bullet, CHRONO::ENGINE, DART, Drake, Flex, FROST, IBDS, idyntree, KDL, kindr, Klampt, LibrePilot, MARS, MBDyn, MBSim, MBSlib, metapod, Moby, mrpt, MuJoCo, mvsim, Newton Dynamics, nphysics, ODE, OpenRAVE, pinocchio, PositionBasedDynamics, PhysX, PyDy, RBDL, RBDyn, RaiSim, ReactPhysics3d, RigidBodyDynamics.jl, Rigs of Rods, Robopy, Robotics Library, RobWork, siconos, Simbody, SOFA, Tiny Differentiable Simulator, trep, qu3e

Robotics Simulation

NVIDIA Isaac, robot-gui (a three.js based 3D robot interface), hexapod (fast hexapod robot simulator for the web), Hexapod Robot Simulator, Robosim (a 3D robot arm simulator), RoboSim (robot simulator), AI2-THOR, AirSim, ARGoS, ARTE, CARLA, CoppeliaSim, Gazebo, GraspIt!, Habitat-Sim, Ignition Gazebo, MORSE, Neurorobotics Platform, PyBullet, Simbad, Unity, Webots, AWS RoboMaker


CasADi, Ceres Solver, eigen-qld, EXOTica, hpipm, HYPRE, ifopt, Ipopt, libcmaes, limbo, lpsolvers, NLopt, OptimLib, OSQP, Pagmo, pymoo, qpsolvers, RobOptim, SCS, sferes2

AI frameworks

TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Darknet, XGBoost, Amazon Machine Learning, Torch, Accord.Net, Apache Mahout, Spark Mlib, Caffe, Theano, Accord.Net, Microsoft CNTK

Robot Modelling

Robot model description format: SDF, urdf
Utility to build robot models: phobos


AprilSAM, Cartographer, DSO, ElasticFusion, fiducials, GTSAM, Kintinuous, LSD-SLAM, ORB-SLAM2, RTAP-Map, SRBA

Motion Planning and Control

AIKIDO, CuiKSuite, Control Toolbox, Crocoddyl, GPMP2, HPP, MoveIt!, OMPL, OCS2, pymanoid, ROS Behavior Tree, Ruckig, The Kautham Project, TOPP-RA | Motion optimisers: TopiCo, towr, TrajectoryOptimization, trajopt | Nearest neighbour algorithms: Cover-Tree, Faster cover trees, FLANN, nanoflann | 3D mapping: libpointmatcher, Octree, OctoMap, PCL, Treexy, voxblox, Goxel

Why Promwad

Cross-functional team

Cross-functional team

We provide a complete cycle of hardware and firmware development services for robotics, as our team can handle all the engineering phases, from idea to mass production.

Narrow industry expertise

Narrow expertise

Our team members have specific areas of expertise in developing tailored concepts for robotics solutions and constantly improve their skills to provide the best solution for your task.

Use of innovations

Use of innovations

We put great effort into staying up-to-date with new industry-specific technologies and consider new projects as challenges to apply and expand our knowledge.

Our Cooperation Models

Flexible approach to suit your current needs

Dedicated Team

We will form a team to fit your specific engineering task. You are free to manage it and provide additional resources.


We can join you at any stage or take on the entire project, including our management and risk control.

Fixed Price Model

This contract fixes the price so that it does not depend on resources used or time expended by our engineering team.

Time and Material

A T&M contract is the best option for your flexible set of tasks that are difficult or impossible to fix and assess in advance.

Do you need a quote for your industrial automation and robotics development?

Drop us a line about your project! We will contact you today or the next business day. All submitted information will be kept confidential.


What kind of customers do we make robotics and automation solutions for?


We offer hardware and software development services for robotics and industrial automation, catering to clients who manufacture such products. Our team focuses on the engineering aspect and does not automate production and business processes per se.


What are the main reasons that a client may need to implement industrial automation solutions?


There are several reasons for doing this: industrial automation results in improved performance and increased efficiency, allows the client to gather better data and metrics, creates operational improvements, and saves the client money. Even a recently started industrial robotics company, which may not have a lot of experience in every aspect of this field, can enter this market by outsourcing some tasks to other engineering companies that do have the necessary competencies and expertise – companies such as Promwad.


How do industrial automation solutions differ from traditional industrial equipment?


The algorithms that drive industrial automation systems endow them with the capability to work smarter and faster than traditional tools and equipment. For example, the seamless integration of smart building or teleprotection equipment adds an additional layer of intelligence and adaptability to the overall manufacturing or operational processes.
As a robotic engineering company, we develop these algorithms and systems and then implement them in mass-produced devices.


What is ROS?


ROS (robot operating system) is a low-level framework that runs on Unix-based platforms. This system is mainly developed with C++ and Python, the most preferred and commonly used languages when developing robotics applications. ROS is composed of a core (middleware) with integrated communication tools and a set of plug-and-play libraries.
ROS 2 is the next-generation, open-source software framework for creating robot applications, building upon the foundations of ROS but offering enhancements in scalability, performance, security, and cross-platform compatibility. Promwad provides software and firmware development services using ROS 2, allowing for the development of more sophisticated robotic systems.

What components does Promwad use? What software are Promwad’s projects based on?


We use components from Texas Instruments, Microchip Technology, NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics, Renesas Electronics, Infineon Technologies, Intel, Xilinx, Lattice Semiconductor, Analog Devices, and NVIDIA. We base our software on embedded Linux, Qt (QML, Widgets), JavaScript, C++, Rust, WebAssembly, and other tools.
For more information, please review the tech stack section above.

What does the process of robot development look like?


As a robotics engineering company, we include the following stages in the development process:
  1. Product concept. First, we create a business plan, a detailed specification of your new product, and its conceptual design. 
  2. Proof-of-concept. This is where we create a rough draft and refine the requirements. This stage also includes modelling, design, and calculation of mechanical characteristics. 
  3. Hardware and software development. At this stage, we list the necessary components to design printed circuit boards (PCB) and develop system- and user-level software. We also make a bill of materials (BOM). 
  4. Pilot batch. Our specialists assemble the device components and do integration testing to detect and correct any mistakes. 
  5. Certification tests (if required).
  6. Preparation for production and launch of a pilot batch. We optimise the BOM, prepare final documents, and develop product-specific assembly diagrams.
Done! We are now ready to deliver your new product worldwide and discuss the launch of serial production.

What standards do you follow when developing robotics solutions?


Within our electronics and hardware development for robotics, we create solutions that adhere to international safety standards, such as SIL and ISO27001.