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by NXP

Designs Driven by NXP Solutions

We provide top-notch design and manufacturing support for new software and mass-produced devices based on NXP solutions. Thanks to our partnership with NXP Semiconductors, we have early access to their development kits, training programs, and ongoing technical support.

Promwad has a long-standing collaborative history with the NXP company and we have been utilising their technologies in our clients’ projects since 2008 when they were known as Freescale. Over the years, we integrated into their ecosystem and, in 2021, became an authorised NXP partner.

Accelerate Product Development with NXP Processors

High performance

Designed for edge computing, video processing, networking, and data centre acceleration


NXP solutions deliver high value for the cost


Advanced security protocols to protect against various threats


AI/ML/DL-enabled solutions, digital signal processing, wireless connectivity, time-sensitive networking (TSN)

Versatile products

NXP offers a wide range of products with unique capabilities to meet diverse clients’ needs

Easy to use

Software tools and development kits for quick and easy setup

Reliable support

NXP provides continuous maintenance for their products

Extended lifespan

Well-suited for projects that require long-term availability in industries such as automotive, industrial automation, and telecom.

Our Tech Stack

We adhere to high quality standards and employ cutting-edge technologies for software development, hardware design, prototyping, and mass production.

Embedded Firmware & Custom Software Development

Design of MCU firmware, device drivers and board support packages (BSP)
→ More about custom software development

Video Processing, AI & Machine Vision

RTP streaming, AI neural networks and ML, human-machine interfaces (HMI)
→ More about video processing


PCBs, SoM, carrier boards, interfaces / PCB design and layout, high-speed PCB design and simulation, JTAG testing


Infotainment and in-vehicle experience | Automotive connectivity: V2X communications, intelligent roadside units, gateways | Comfort: electric pumps, motor control and auxiliaries, tire pressure monitoring systems | Performance: powertrain, vehicle dynamics, electrification solutions | Vehicle networking: service-oriented gateways | Functional safety and secure vehicle architecture

Industrial Automation

Factory automation: manufacturing, logistics and automation management, edge-to-cloud | Building control: control access, lighting, HVAC, monitoring and safety systems | Power and energy: energy generation, distribution and consumption metering | Healthcare: medical imaging, monitoring, diagnostic, and treatment equipment | Robotics

Solutions Framework

NXP i.MX Processors

RT, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 28 series

  • High-performance and low-power multimedia and HMI capabilities 
  • Supports the QT framework and offers a rich set of libraries
  • NXP i.MX prioritises scalability, power management, security, neural network processing, and connectivity features
NXP i.MX 93
NXP Layerscape

NXP Layerscape Processors

LA, LS, and LX series

  • High-capacity telecom and networking processors for routers, switches, and gateways
  • QorIQ Layerscape is built on Arm core technology
  • Suitable for power-constrained industrial settings, virtualised networks, and embedded systems
  • RTEMS operating system enablement for realtime tasks

NXP Automotive MCUs

S32 and S32K series, Kinetis EA, MAC57D5xx

  • Provides computing capabilities for automotive and industrial applications
  • Advanced hardware security and functional safety
  • NXP microcontrollers balance performance and power efficiency in their architecture

Our Services

We are ready to guide you through every step of your automation journey – from proof of concept to mass production.

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