Circuit Board

PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services

PCB manufacturing at Promwad ensures that you receive high-quality printed circuit boards to meet your unique specifications. We provide turnkey PCB manufacturing services at production sites in Europe and Asia, as well as install and assemble devices of any complexity.

We launch electronics manufacturing for our customers at proven facilities, choosing the best options in terms of budget and technology, timing control, and quality. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you bring your electronics to market.


Printed Circuit Board Production

Promwad supplies experimental and limited edition PCBs, particularly designed for complex devices. We understand the importance of using up-to-date materials for boards and coatings, ensuring the highest quality and performance standards.

Any Complexity

Our company offers PCBs up to level 5 and higher, specifically crafted for experimental batches. Our capabilities include the incorporation of advanced features such as blind and buried vias, as well as HDI boards.

Standards Compliance

The quality of your product is our priority. Each project undergoes mandatory post-production testing in accordance with the IPC-A-600H standard. A detailed quality report, including images of micro-etches, is provided with every project.

Europe and Asia

Collaborating with partners in Europe, China, and South-East Asia, we ensure that our products comply with IPC class 2/3. Our global network of partnerships enables us to deliver industrial PCBs that meet international quality benchmarks.

Related Services 

Backed by our experience and related services, we can meet global demands for reliable and high-performance electronic devices, including cutting-edge enclosure design and white-label electronics solutions.


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Electronic PCB Assembly and Installation

Post-production testing of engineering documentation
Development of testing strategies for each item
Optical and X-ray assembly quality control
Component purchasing for the project
Assembly acceptance according to IPC standards
Functional testing of assembled systems and devices
Installation of firmware
Sample bring-up (first launch)
Stencil manufacturing

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