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Face Tracking
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Face Tracking Software Development

Our face tracking software analyses and tracks facial expressions in real time, offering insights for diverse applications. Whether you need to develop a facial recognition program from scratch or integrate emotion detection features into existing one, our team can deliver solutions with an immersive user experience.
Are you planning to launch a high-definition camera installed in the dashboard or other edge devices? We offer a ready-made solution for building robust face reader software, enabling driver monitoring, 3D face masking, and biometrics. Benefit from the top quality and security without compromising on performance.











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Fast Prototyping of your Edge Device with Ambarella

We have a ready-made compact module for fast prototyping based on the Ambarella CV25 processor, which provides advanced image processing and state-of-the-art computer vision technology. Our face recognition app development solutions are based on CVflow chip architecture. Unlike general-purpose GPUs and CPUs, CVflow comprises a dedicated vision processing engine designed with a high-level algorithm description that combines a considerable performance scale with low power consumption.  

Ambarella CV25-A0-RH
We can also provide a solution based on Ambarella H22/H32. These chips are next-gen solutions for connected drones and VR cameras that deliver up to 4K video recording at 60fps while streaming a second, live, mobile-resolution video over a Wi-Fi network for preview or sharing. However, the usage of CVflow is available only with Ambarella CV25.
In addition to our facial analysis software, we provide automotive ECU and EV charging software development services, integrating other robust chips and technologies.


Ambarella H22-A0-RH

Module characteristics

  • DDR3L
  • eMMC
  • NAND
  • Wi-Fi/BL 5.0
  • Support of two cameras with up to 4K resolution

Camera modules

  • Along with face recognition modules, we can provide the camera modules
  • Sony IMX 327/335 modules
  • FullHD or 4K resolution
  • Built-in lens

Application Areas

Driver monitoring
Driver monitoring

Our processor-based face recognition module, integrated into ADAS and driver monitoring systems, serves for dashboard cameras or other automotive devices and is capable of tracking the head pose and the gaze direction to prevent eye closure. Besides, facial recognition in cars can track emotions, detecting if the driver is angry, frightened, or experiencing other similar states, to ensure that the driver's perception is normal. Our custom emotion recognition software development services are customised to prioritise the driver’s safety and facilitate the user experience. In addition to face recognition in cars, we can also add personalisation settings in terms of seat and mirror position, heating, and more.


Fast identification and verification via biometrics is possible for secure financial operations, long queues elimination, attendance monitoring, access control, and more. There is also a liveness detection feature for verifying whether the person is real or not.

3D face masking
3D face masking

Our solution has pre-built software with the latest tracking technologies to make the 3D face mask usage experience of your clients as attractive as possible.

Alex safonov

"Our team developed a multimedia computer for autonomous vehicles. Now, we're enhancing the project with driver face and emotion recognition features to protect electric cars from theft and personalise settings for each owner. I anticipate rapid growth in similar projects for EV and edge AI, so at Promwad, we're expanding our engineering team and seeking specialists in power electronics."

— Alex Safonov, Head of the Automotive department at Promwad

Our Case Studies in Custom Automotive Development

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